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Stay Out of Your Own Way

The Coretex Philosophy

As it says in the header, everything comes back to staying out of your own way. At times this is literally the case, for example playing in a state that is not so nervous and tense that you end up slowing yourself down with agonist/antagonist muscle contractions that drive our movements. Other times staying out of your own way is psychological, like recognizing negative thoughts that may enter the mind and dealing with them before we begin not only playing against an opposing team, but playing against ourselves as well. 

Coretex goaltending is being built as a resource for goaltenders and goalie parents. The articles tab on the website is the central hub of the philosophy, providing free information on not only the easy-to-train components of goaltending, but also the more challenging and abstract concepts. Keep tuning in and checking the Twitter feed for new articles and discussion platforms.

What Coretex Goaltending is NOT:

Being in the Edmonton area, we are surrounded by several high-calibre goalie schools that do an excellent job of training goaltenders in a group setting. You won't find any links to Coretex ran summer camps, or big group puck-stopping settings on this website as we simply don't offer any. On-ice training sessions are limited to group power-skating, private or semi-private lessons (ice must be provided), and team practices. Coretex operates under a very specific philosophy that is only able to be maintained by keeping the groups small in puck-stopping sessions, and by providing specific training in the form of power-skating sessions. Every session is run by Evan Kurylo.

What Coretex does provide is resources for goalies, and goalie parents. Again, the research and writing of articles and videos is a service Coretex is focused on providing for goalies of all ages and skill levels. Building rapport with the goalies and parents is essential for the long-term development process, which is why any event involving Coretex will be run by Evan Kurylo to maintain continuity with development.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to request more information.


KC Pats Midget AAA

About the Owner: Evan Kurylo

Originally from Edson, Alberta, Evan has switched his focus from playing the game he loves to coaching goaltenders of all ages. After earning his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University, he relocated back to Edmonton, where he established Coretex Goaltending. 

"My intent is to serve, to provide multi-dimensional instruction, and to be invested in the individual development of each and every athlete. A big part of my philosophy is to develop a robust athlete underneath the goalie equipment, someone who understands the game and is able to anticipate the play. The technical, robotic style is too easily exposed and allows for virtually no adaptability to a game that is always evolving. By adding an off-ice education component I am able to facilitate an understanding of the "when", "why", and "where" of save techniques and movements, not just the surface "how to's" of a save or movement. Goaltenders naturally want to be successful and it is my belief that they already possess the tools necessary for success. Often-time it is a matter of helping them to Stay Out of Their Own Way."

Evan is a facilitator for Hockey Alberta, teaching the Hockey Canada Goaltender Development 1 clinic to coaches and associations in the mid-west Alberta region. Evan is also a contributing writer to In Goal Magazine. Articles can be viewed at or under the Articles tab above.

On-ice portion of Hockey Canada Goaltending Level 1 clinic 

Facilitating the Hockey Canada Goaltending Level 1 Clinic

*Coretex is not a professional Psychological service. It is a psychologically minded goaltender training service, with the drills and practice structure built around an optimal learning environment, designed to bridge the gap between practice and game situations.  

Why "Coretex"?

You may have heard the word "cortex" used before when referring to the brain. In fact, cortex is a Latin word which means "bark", like the protective outer layer on a tree. The cerebral cortex is where I believe 90% of the game is played, with most saves being made in the goaltenders head before the puck is even shot. Improving a goaltenders mental game should be at the "core" of a training regimen, which is the intention of Coretex Goaltending.